Where to take warm baths in São Miguel?

1) Terra Nostra Park

Terra Nostra Park, located in the Furnas valley, on the island of São Miguel, is a botanical garden with a unique repertoire that includes a great diversity of plants, exotic trees, lakes, streams and a pool of volcanic iron water.

The richness of this park earned it Condé Nast’s selection for the list of Best Green Retreats in the World.

This centenary garden was created over 200 years ago by Thomas Hickling, a wealthy Boston merchant who fell in love with the island of São Miguel, and more particularly with Furnas village. The park as we know it today was the result of the intervention of successive owners, and currently belongs to the Bensaude family, which has done a remarkable job in expanding and conserving the garden.

Terra Nostra Park is unique in the world, as it provides not only beautiful walks, but also a relaxing bath in its thermal water tanks at around 38ºc and rich in iron, which gives the water its brownish color.


2) Poça da D. Beija

Another option in Furnas is “Poça da Dona Beija”, where you can enjoy unique moments of relaxation in hot thermal waters, in different tanks. A must do experience during your stay in the Azores.


3) Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha is located in the crater of the Fogo lake volcanic complex, on the slopes of “Serra de Água de Pau”. It has a great diversity of vegetation and fauna, a waterfall and tanks with thermal water.

There is no public transportation to Caldeira Velha, whose address is Estrada Regional da Lagoa do Fogo, Ribeira Grande.

Non-residents of the Autonomous Region of the Azores have two tickets available: 3 euros to visit and 8 euros if you want to take a bath. On the other hand, residents of the Azores have free admission. You can stay in Caldeira Velha for one hour and a half.

Caldeira Velha as a Natural and Regional Monument, part of the Biosphere Reserve, has a limit of 250 people simultaneously inside the space.


Extra Tip

The tone of these thermal waters is brownish because it is rich in iron. For this reason, I advise you to use an old bathing suit that is not white, as there is a chance that the clothes will be dyed. The average water temperature is 37º.

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