Where to eat in São Miguel in a medium price?

Nowadays, the island of São Miguel already has a diverse offer of good places to eat. Much because of the growing tourism that is felt throughout the Azores archipelago. So, it’s very convenient to call the chosen restaurant in advance and reserve your table.

Here are my suggestions:


The epithet of regional beef steak. A restaurant for true meat lovers, the only delicacy served here. A tribute to Azorean meat.

Address: Recinto da Feira, Campo de Santana , Santana, Ribeira Grande, Ilha de São Miguel

Phone number: (+351) 296490001



A historic space in the heart of the city of Ponta Delgada that has already undergone some transformations. Currently, under the management of Grupo Anjos, Café Central offers an alternative with an excellent price/quality ratio. In a relaxed atmosphere, in the heart of the city’s historic center in Largo da Matriz, you can choose the soup of the day or fish, hamburgers, pastas or bruschettas.

Address: Largo da Matriz, 15 9500 Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296 282 882



Another relatively recent location in the city center of Ponta Delgada, with good price/quality ratio. With a modern decor, at Casa da Rosa you will find an affordable menu at lunchtime, while at dinner there is a medium-price menu. This restaurant has a vegetarian dish on its menu.

Address: Rua Hintze Ribeiro 55, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel 9500-049

Phone number: (+351)  296 285 465



A very recent restaurant with typical regional cuisine, made by locals for the world. The Tixico restaurant is located in Ponta Delgada’s Calheta.

Address: Rua Engenheiro José Cordeiro, nº 20. 9500-311Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296704340



The Cais 20 restaurant has a long history on the island of São Miguel and quickly became a reference in the area of seafood and snacks. It is with pleasure that we have followed the success of this restaurant, which has already increased its space several times, in order to meet the number of people who seek Cais 20 every day.

Located in São Roque, this is the ideal place to try seafood from the Azores or have a dinner just with snacks. But if that’s not your thing, no problem, there’s a long list of typical dishes to choose from.

Address: Rua do Terreiro 41, 9500-713 São Roque 4

Phone number: (+351)  296 384 811



Suplexio is an artisanal hamburger restaurant, located in a hipster area of the city of Ponta Delgada. This restaurant is quite small with few seats available and does not take reservations. The trick is to go at opening time and even then you might already find a small queue to get in.

There are hamburgers on bread for all tastes, including some vegetarian and vegan options and this space also has artisanal beer.

Address: Rua Pedro Homem 68 | Travessa da Rua d´Àgua, Ponta Delgada



As its name implies, La Cantina is an Italian food restaurant located in Portas do Mar complex in the city of Ponta Delgada. So, here you can eat very good quality pizzas and pastas with a sea view.

Address:  Portas Do Mar Loja 2

Phone number: (+351) 296 098 693



This space wanted to fill a gap in São Miguel and bring to the island a gastronomic offer based on tapas and wine. At Mercearia São Pedro you will find boards with regional products, a right choice to share the table with a group of friends.

Address:  Rua das Cabaças, 19, Ponta Delgada

Cell phone number: (+351)  964 742 713



A recently renovated space, in the historic center of the city of Ponta Delgada. The ideal place for a light but appetizing meal, in a moment of transition between dinner time and the night of the island of São Miguel.

Address: Rua Manuel Inácio Correia, No 34/36/38, Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296 707 993



Right next to the fishing port, you will find the restaurant Bar Esplanada Caloura and of course the fish here is king! A great place to try typical Azorean fish, while still enjoying a privileged view of the sea.

Address: Rua da Caloura 20, Lagoa, São Miguel 9560-061

Phone number: (+351) 296 913 283



The fame of the restaurant A Tasca has already crossed borders. I would say that A Tasca was the pioneer restaurant in this new wave of restaurants that emerged on the island of São Miguel, more attentive to the customer, the environment of the space, quality of the cuisine and plating.

In my opinion, it is a must-see for any passerby. Follow the tip strictly to reserve a table days in advance.

Here you will find a menu of snacks, fish and meat dishes. Everything will be great!

Address: Rua do Aljube nº 16, Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296 288 880



Another alternative to having a meal based on snacks and boards with regional products, ideally sharing the table with a group of friends.

Address: Rua dos Mercadores Nº 41 Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296 629 084



Italian food restaurant, located in the parish of Santa Clara, in the city of Ponta Delgada. Modern decor and good comfort food. Their pizzas have already won the title of the second best in the world 😉 Not to be missed!

Address: Rua Padre Fernando Vieira Gomes, 20 Ponta Delgada

Cell Phone Number: (+351)  968 844 995



Another restaurant from Anjos Group that was recently refurbished and opened. The location is superb, in Ponta Delgada’s new marina in the Portas do Mar complex. The Stage sala, as the name implies, is a stage. The decor is modern and the food does not disappoint for its price range, excellent value for money.

Address: Portas do Mar, Loja 23

Phone Number: (+351) 296 284 231



Cais da Sardinha started out as a bar with light meals. This establishment came to rehabilitate an area that was abandoned on Ponta Delgada’s marginal avenue. Later, the elegant Cais da Sardinha restaurant appeared.

Address: Avenida Infante D. Henrique Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296 287 163



In this restaurant, you will try the Quinta’s specialties, with meat produced by them, in addition to the ice cream shop with very regional flavors. One of the best restaurants considering price/quality. And the best news is that it is a 10-minute walk from our guest house Casa da Margarida 🙂

Address: Caminho da Levada, 134, Ponta Delgada

Phone number: (+351) 296 653 412


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