The Most Beautiful Waterfalls of São Miguel

I know it’s a very pretentious title and maybe these aren’t the most beautiful waterfalls in São Miguel, there’s a lot to be said about discussing tastes.

The island of São Miguel is full of waterfalls, many of which are only accessible by trails of medium or difficult level. For example, a good trail to see several waterfalls is the “Moinho do Félix” Trail, if you feel like it, stay here with this tip 😉

What I intend with this list is not to list exhaustively the waterfalls of São Miguel, but rather to give you some options that are the most accessible and that you can’t miss 😉



For me, going to the natural park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões, in Achadinha in the municipality of Nordeste, is a must see on a visit to São Miguel. There you will find several waterfalls, but from all, this is my favorite.

The park has a free parking area and access is easy. Also in this park you will find several picnic areas and barbecues, if you want to have a meal in the middle of this scenario.



On the way up to Lagoa do Fogo, if you come from Ribeira Grande, you will find a point of interest on your left at the beginning of the climb.

You can turn in that direction with the car and keep going straight until you reach this waterfall wonder.

It is the Salto do Cabrito waterfall and since it allows the car to go down there it is quite accessible, despite the path being sloping. You can just enjoy the waterfall and leave, or take the opportunity to take the Salto do Cabrito trail that starts here.



This is the least accessible waterfall on this list, as you must take a trail to get there.

It is one of the best known trails on the island, it is located in Povoação and is called Sanguinho trail and also passes through a historic village of São Miguel.

If you don’t have time to do trails on your visit, but want to do just one, this is a good option.



The waterfall itself is not imposing, but for me its beauty is in all its surroundings. The Caldeira Velha waterfall naturally forms a natural pool of iron water.

Nowadays, it has had the hand of man and is no longer in its wildest state. In fact, two more natural pools were built in the same complex, where you can bathe in the warm waters.

In addition, the surrounding “laurisilva” forest provides a lush environment. The entry is paid.



On the way to Ribeira Quente, between the two tunnels and just before the tunnel, you can see waterfalls.

The waterfall between the tunnels is more difficult to access. Supposedly there is a way to get there and I already tried to do it, but when I did, the path was not properly trodden and the vegetation had taken over the access and I couldn’t go forward.

Therefore, I stayed by the waterfall that is before the tunnel and took this photo. 🙂



The Rosal waterfall is located in “Mata do José do Canto”, next to one of the shores of Furnas lake. It belongs to a private property and it is necessary to pay an entrance fee.

In “Mata do José do Canto” you can stroll through this garden, where you can also find the famous pink chapel of Furnaslake  and take an easy 30-minute walk to reach this waterfall.

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