Ana Beatriz - Ilhoa

I was born on a warm August day, in 1989, in the pearl of the Atlantic. Created on a piece of green land, overlooking the sea, the rest of the world has always been seen as a land to be explored.


I left home for the first time, aged 18, to study at the University of Coimbra (Portugal mainland) and returned to the island of São Miguel to start a career in Human Resources Management.


However, my life took a big turn and I decided to give up a stable career to follow my dreams.


Today I am the owner of a local accommodation and tour guide/driver.


Casa da Margarida was created to provide our guests the comfort of a family home in São Miguel. Casa da Margarida is an exclusive area for guests inside the hosts’ house. So, you have the best of both worlds: a private space and at the same time you have a local right next door. The exclusive area includes a couple bedroom, a bedroom with two single beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. You only shares with the hosts the entrance and the backyard.


Later, we added a guided tour service to meet our customers’ needs even more. On our tours you will discover the island of São Miguel through the passion of an Azorean Micaelense (born and raised in São Miguel). We will discover lagoons, waterfalls, natural parks, breathtaking landscapes, bathing areas, thermal waters and local gastronomy.


The project’s Mission is to welcome those who visit us in a hospitable and familiar way and provide tours of the most iconic spots on the São Miguel island.


We are guided by the values of hospitality, familiarity that does not neglect professionalism and friendliness.


Come and live the lifestyle of an islander with me!

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